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Technomarine Watches

About this Collection
TechnoMarine, located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland, places a strong emphasis on colorful, innovative design. Drawing inspiration from the city of St. Tropez, an internationally-renowned seaside resort for the jet-setting European and American populations, every TechnoMarine watch reflects an element of water. Spanning from wave-patterned dials to diamond pave diving watches, TechnoMarine watches exhibit a strong seaside motif. Each watch is equipped with a high water resistance, Swiss movement, and durable materials, and falls into one of four collections - beach, boating, city and diving.
  1. Cruise California
  2. Cruise Jellyfish
  3. Cruise Sea
  4. TechnoCell
  5. Blue Manta (Out of Stock)
  6. Ceramic Monochrome (Out of Stock)
  7. Cruise (Out of Stock)
  8. Cruise Beach (Out of Stock)
  9. Cruise Black Reef (Out of Stock)
  10. Cruise BlueRay (Out of Stock)
  11. Cruise Dream (Out of Stock)
  12. Cruise Lipstick (Out of Stock)
  13. Cruise Locker (Out of Stock)
  14. Cruise Magnum (Out of Stock)
  15. Cruise Medusa (Out of Stock)
  16. Cruise Monogram (Out of Stock)
  17. Cruise Night Vision 2 (Out of Stock)
  18. Cruise Nightvision (Out of Stock)
  19. Cruise Original (Out of Stock)
  20. Cruise Pearl (Out of Stock)
  21. Cruise Sport (Out of Stock)
  22. Cruise Star (Out of Stock)
  23. Dual Zone (Out of Stock)
  24. Eva Longoria (Out of Stock)
  25. Grand Cruise (Out of Stock)
  26. Manta (Out of Stock)
  27. Manta Neo Classic (Out of Stock)
  28. Manta Ocean (Out of Stock)
  29. Manta Ray (Out of Stock)
  30. Manta Sea (Out of Stock)
  31. MoonSun (Out of Stock)
  32. Reef Black (Out of Stock)
  33. Reef Sun (Out of Stock)
  34. Reef Titanium (Out of Stock)
  35. Sea (Out of Stock)
  36. Sea Pearl (Out of Stock)
  37. Steel Camouflage (Out of Stock)
  38. Steel Evolution (Out of Stock)
  39. Steel Regular (Out of Stock)
  40. Sun Reef (Out of Stock)
  41. UF6 (Out of Stock)