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About this Collection

In 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that cut crystals with a precision that could not be achieved through manual cutting. A few years later, he founded the Swarovski Company with the mission statement, "to constantly improve what is good." Since that time, Swarovski has lived up to that vision, achieving an impressive number of improvements in glass and crystal manufacturing. From the surprising invention of glass reflectors for improving driving visibility and general road safety, to the "Aurora Borealis" crystal finish developed with Christian Dior - the signature Swarovski rainbow finish painted onto crystal products, Swarovski has become the best-known crystal innovation company in the world. In 1976, Swarovski released its first Swarovski figurine , a small mouse made of cubic zirconia. It was met with astounding popularity, leading to the formation of the Swarovski Crystal Society in 1987. This society is now the largest collector's group in the world, with more than 325,000 members in 125 different countries. In recent years, the Swarovski brand expanded to include Swarovski jewelry, Swarovski watches, Swarovski ornaments, and Swarovski pens.