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Movado Watches

This brand owns a reputation for creative, artistic, high quality timepieces. The name Movado, which means "always in motion" in Esperanto, an appropriate and semi-prophetic title for a company that would establish a number of timekeeping milestones, including the first watch case designed to fit the curve of a wrist, the first self-winding automatic with month, day, and date display, and the highly-innovative Museum design for which the company is best known. The Museum watch is perhaps Movado's most significant achievement; many have regarded this piece as an icon of modernism.

  1. 1881
  2. 800
  3. Amorosa
  4. Bela
  5. Bold
  6. Bold 36mm
  7. Datron
  8. Edge
  9. Esperanza
  10. Fiero
  11. Heritage
  12. Junior Sport
  13. Juro
  14. Kara
  15. Kara
  16. La Nouvelle
  17. Metio
  18. Museum
  19. Quadro
  20. Red Label
  21. Sapphire
  22. Serio
  23. Stiri
  24. Temo
  25. Ultra Slim
  26. Vizio
  27. Bold 42mm (Out of Stock)
  28. Brila (Out of Stock)
  29. Buleto (Out of Stock)
  30. Cerena (Out of Stock)
  31. Certe (Out of Stock)
  32. Circa (Out of Stock)
  33. Concept (Out of Stock)
  34. Concerto (Out of Stock)
  35. Corporate (Out of Stock)
  36. Eliro (Out of Stock)
  37. Faceto (Out of Stock)
  38. Folio (Out of Stock)
  39. Harmony (Out of Stock)
  40. Lancy (Out of Stock)
  41. Linio (Out of Stock)
  42. Luma (Out of Stock)
  43. Luno (Out of Stock)
  44. LX (Out of Stock)
  45. Masino (Out of Stock)
  46. Master (Out of Stock)
  47. Military (Out of Stock)
  48. Miri (Out of Stock)
  49. Modo (Out of Stock)
  50. Ono Due (Out of Stock)
  51. Other (Out of Stock)
  52. Portfolio (Out of Stock)
  53. Rava (Out of Stock)
  54. Rondiro (Out of Stock)
  55. Safiro (Out of Stock)
  56. Sento (Out of Stock)
  57. SL (Out of Stock)
  58. Sport Edge (Out of Stock)
  59. Sportivo (Out of Stock)
  60. Sports Edition (Out of Stock)
  61. TC (Out of Stock)
  62. Trevi (Out of Stock)
  63. Vertido (Out of Stock)