Yes, Gucci is probably one of the hottest brands when it comes to bags and fashion. However, in discussing any luxury brand, the classic question arises "What makes designer items so special?" A big part of the answer is that there is a power behind the brand name. However, with a brand like Gucci, there is also a quality and historical component. These things, coupled with a successful marketing strategy, create the perfect recipe for success!

Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence. The brand just recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, which is a HUGE milestone! Being around for 100 years, despite challenges like major family feuds, is a testament to how the brand stood the test of time and has evolved with the changing world.

It is actually quite interesting how the Gucci brand was born. Guccio Gucci went to London in the late 1800s and begun working as a bellhop at a high-end hotel. Constantly surrounded by wealthy travelers, Guccio was inspired by all of the different high-end bags he was exposed to daily. At that time, he learned firsthand about the quality of different kinds of materials used in luggage.

Guccio also worked for a fine luggage maker and worked at an upscale travel company. His work experiences were critical in teaching him all about the bag industry. This ultimately helped him when he began producing high-quality, luxurious, horseback riding accessories (and then later on bags) of his own.

The brand's global tagline is "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten." This, my friend, is the answer to our burning question. Gucci products are so valuable because quality is NEVER EVER compromised. As long the bag lasts, as they do, then that's all that matters.

Aside from quality, we must discuss the Gucci business strategy because this too makes the brand worth millions. The brand has created a sense of allure with its fun patterns and styles. Its mission is to appeal to everyone, but yet not everyone can have it. For example, gender doesn't really interfere with many Gucci products, but its higher price point limits its customer base. It also has upped its appeal to the millennial segment. Millennials are a crucial customer base because they have tremendous influence in the fashion world and are more inclined to make purchases.

Gucci is in tune with the latest trends and is always one step ahead with fun and fashionable styles. The Gucci design team predicts the upcoming hottest trends, and then it rolls out a ton of styles that match those predictions. If it works, it heavily pushes those items and styles. If they are unsuccessful, Gucci quickly removes the failed designs. Not only does the company predict trends, but it also sometimes sets fashion trends (the Gucci belt bag or fur loafers come to mind).

I believe that another factor that plays into Gucci's success is the ready-to-wear component of the brand. Many Gucci styles are easy to put together and style. The brand logo attracts enough attention, so its customers can dress more casually (and comfy) and still look high fashion. I think famous people love to rep Gucci for this very reason.

Many luxury brands were hesitant to go digital since the in-person experience has a more luxurious feel. However, the same way that the brand saw an opportunity with Millennials and went with it, it did the same thing with going digital. Not afraid to try new things and take risks, whether business-wise or fashion-wise, this is what has kept the Gucci brand at the top of people's minds.

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