Which Movado Watch Should I Buy?

Which Movado Watch Should I Buy?

The Top 5 Museum Watches Revealed...

The name of Movado has a long and esteemed history among watch aficionados. Despite Movado being responsible for making one of the most beloved dress watches (and certainly one of the more academically stimulating) of the latter part of the 20th century, it is, these days, often overlooked or forgotten.

And yet, it must be, there are reasons for this decline. While other brands moved on and evolved, Movado has been caught in a bit of a time warp. Some might even say the brands' downfall is because it has been stuck on its one stroke of genius.

I am talking (of course, for those of you in the know already) about the Movado Museum watch.

This iconic timepiece has stood the test of time. It is even more representative of this brand en masse than the Submariner is of Rolex or the Speedmaster is of Omega. It is, in short, an icon that stands alone, and, in all honesty, it is the first Movado you should consider buying if the concept appeals to you.

Thankfully, there are several choices within this model family available on Jomashop, so let’s take a look at the top five gents’ models available right now.

5) MOVADO Modern 47 Ultra Slim Quartz Chocolate Museum Dial Men's Watch

Brown is a color that rarely strikes the heart with excitement, but it is versatile, muted, mature, and professional. This is an interesting interpretation of a watch known around the world.

The chocolate brown dial doubles down on the weirdness by pairing itself with a black case, black hands, and a black 12 o’clock marker for a moody, industrial take on an otherwise civilized gem. At 40mm wide and 7mm thick, it wears large. Those proportions are visually accented by the imposing black case and rich-colored dial.

4) MOVADO Modern 47 Ultra Slim Quartz Blue Museum Dial Men's Watch

It seems Blue Steel is never too far away from fashion circles. After Derek Zoolander popularized the look in the early 2000s, Movado followed suit. This uncharacteristically vivid entrant into the Museum canon is definitely not something you see every day.

40mm wide and just 7mm thick, this blue-dialed, blue-cased model is not for the faint-hearted. But, it is a watch that will cause a stir at gallery openings and cocktail parties everywhere. This is a totally a-traditional take on an established icon. If you embrace it for the odd duck it is, it might just reward you.

3) MOVADO Museum Classic Quartz Diamond Black Dial Watch

So you like the black turtle neck, small and round black sunglasses, and black beret look, but you’re not entirely sure how to finish off your outfit? Never fear, the Movado Museum Classic Quartz Diamond Black Dial watch is here to save the day.

This piece is a somewhat more ostentatious departure from the brands' usual wares, but it is still welcome. The gold model gives the family a shot in the arm and gives the impression of being an entirely different beast despite featuring all of the typical Museum collection tropes.

40mm wide, a mesh bracelet with slide-fit buckle, 30m water resistance, a quartz movement, and an ultra-slim profile. Not bad for less than $850.

2) MOVADO Museum Classic Quartz Blue Dial Men's Watch

Close to the original model, but imbued with a beautiful midnight blue dial, this reference is certainly an eye-catcher. It retains the classic Movado Museum marker at 12 o’clock, which matches the lines' typical slimness. This model measures just 6.8mm tall on the wrist, which makes for an incredibly comfortable wearing experience.

The stainless steel case and push-in crown guarantee water resistance to 30 meters. The watch also comes with a two-year international warranty from Jomashop for absolute peace of mind while shopping online.

1) MOVADO Museum Classic Black Dial Men's Watch

It had to be the classic, didn’t it? This modern interpretation is as close to the original as you’re likely to get. However, it benefits from modern manufacturing techniques and materials. On Jomashop, this model is available for a shade under $500, 40% below its suggested retail. Even at full price, this model represents a good balance of prestige and product value.

The 40mm wide case is just 9mm thick thanks to the reliable Swiss quartz movement within. The hands and “full moon” marker at 12 are also silver-toned to match the case. Paired with a fine mesh strap, the watch sits low to the wrist and weighs very little for a watch of this diameter.

While the other versions of the classic Movado Museum are exciting, it’s hard to top the clean, sophisticated lines of the original.