What's so special about Moncler outerwear?

What's so special about Moncler outerwear?

You've seen your favorite celebs in their colorful puffers and vests, but what makes this brand such a winter staple?

Let's first discuss the Moncler basics...

The luxury brand was founded in the early 1950s in Monestier-de-Clermont by René Ramillon and André Vincent. The mountainous city was ultimately abbreviated to form the Moncler name!

While the brand was founded in France, the brand was later purchased by Italian businessman Remo Ruffini in the early 2000s. Therefore, today, it's technically considered a Luxury Italian brand.

Despite its headquarters now being located in Milan, Italy, its flagship store still remains in the heart of Paris. However, do not be fooled: Moncler coats are not produced in Italy or Paris! And no, they are not manufactured in China either (although we will discuss this later on)!

Moncler coats are produced in several European countries like Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, to name a few. So be warned, if a Moncler jacket says it was made in France or Italy, it is most definitely a counterfeit!

Unfortunately, like with many luxury items, counterfeits are very common. However, Jomashop has 100% authentic Moncler coats and jackets. Better yet, they also happen to be up to 50% off!

How Did Moncler Get So Big?

While the company is now an outerwear icon, it definitely didn't start off that way. Originally, the company's main focus was on producing sleeping bags and tents to weather the freezing French terrain.

Over time, it shifted gears towards producing warm coats and jackets to protect French workers. Once the brand mastered jacket production, it eventually became known for its bright and zany luxury skiwear collection. However, Moncler also makes other apparel and fashion ranging from knitwear, t-shirts, dresses, sneakers, and bags.

The brands' previous production experience has helped it create high-quality, warm, durable, comfortable, and stylish outerwear. In fact, the brand has outfitted hundreds of Olympians, skiers, and Artic trailblazers.

It's What's On The Inside That Counts...

Obviously, with any luxury brand, consumers expect the most premium materials and quality practices. Moncler uses Japanese nylon, which provides durability and comfort. Cheap nylon certainly could not protect from rain, and snow, which, if you are from NY like I am, is CRUCIAL!

The coats are insulated white geese down, which is also very high quality! And, if you are willing to spend extra on a puffer with a fur hoodie, the coyote fur trims will provide even more warmth!

The company has also made it its priority to be more environmentally conscious. This past winter, the brand even launched its first collection of 100% sustainable jackets.

All of these premium materials and the fact that the coats are produced in Europe (rather than China where manufacturing is much cheaper) add to the higher price of the jackets. However, as I mentioned before, here at Jomashop, we have hundreds of styles at the best prices, so you can have your cake and eat it too!

Stylish and Cozy

The fashion world has changed drastically over the last couple of decades. No longer are winter coats just used to keep you warm, instead, they are now a staple to your outfit. A classy, shiny, or colorful puffer is just what you need to finish off your winter look.

Gone are the days where skiwear was just reserved for the slopes. Moncler made sure to make the most of the current fashion trends and has created some of the most fun colored coats that work for both the slopes and the streets!

As outerwear and streetwear became more and more intertwined, something huge happened for the Moncler brand. In October 2015, Drake released his infamous Hotline Bling music video. While that music video was both catchy and entertaining, we must talk about one part of his outfit in the video: a bright orange Moncler puffer.

After the video was uploaded, Moncler sales dramatically increased. Because who wouldn't want to follow after Champagne Papi. It also certainly helped that the trending meme that came out of the music video (shown below) perfectly displays the Moncler logo.

Thousands of memes and tweets later, this music video is thus a perfect example of how outerwear is no longer just meant to rough the chilly weather. Outerwear can (and should) also be a part of your outfit!

So are these coats worth it?

Obviously, the coats are high quality, but as for anything luxe, you are paying extra for a luxury logo. While Moncler puffers are definitely trendy and comfy, it ultimately comes down to your personal budget and style. If you live somewhere that gets absolutely freezing, this jacket may be worth the investment. With Moncler, you can rock streetwear looks all Winter long!