What are the top 5 perfumes?

What are the top 5 perfumes?

One of the easiest ways to inexpensively change your style is through your daily scent. When choosing a perfume, there are several things to consider- smell obviously being the most important. However, also keep in mind that the higher the quality of the fragrance, the more it will cost. Ingredients containing flowers like jasmine will raise the price due to the increased labor it took to produce the oil from the flower.

You should also consider using fragrances that fit in with your daily activities. By that, I mean if you are often falling asleep at your desk, a sharp scent should do the trick. Spray a softer perfume, like floral, at bedtime and create the perfect winddown aura.

Have you ever caught a whiff of your friend's perfume, and then when you bought the same one, it didn't smell quite the same as it did on them? When choosing that perfect scent, remember that the same perfume can smell slightly different on different people. This is because the alcohol in perfume reacts differently based on our skin's natural bacteria. Obviously, it won't be too drastic, but make sure you test out the perfume before purchasing.

When buying a perfume, the description will talk about three different "notes." It's important to differentiate between the three. That way, you know the exact scent you are receiving.

  1. Top Notes- the first smell you sniff when the perfume hits your skin
  2. Heart Notes- the perfume's essence
  3. Base Notes- the long-lasting scent

With that being said, let's get into Jomashop's Top 5 Perfumes, and shop all perfumes HERE.

CALVIN KLEIN Ck One/ Calvin Klein EDT Pour / Spray 6.7 oz (200 ml)

Calvin Klein ONE, launched in 1994, is one of our bestselling scents. It has woody base notes (Green tea, Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Sandalwood). Its heart notes are more floral smelling (jasmine, Violet, Rose, Lily). Lastly, its top notes are more fruity-smelling (Lemon, Mandarin, Fresh pineapple, Papay). This ONE clearly covers all of the scent bases (see what I did there?). Now 64% off, you can smell great and keep your wallet smiling!

BURBERRY London / Burberry EDP Spray 3.3 oz

Launched in 2006, this is the perfect perfume for work. Sophisticated and stylish, you will certainly smell fabulous! Its base notes are muskier with Indian Sandalwood and patchouli. However, its heart notes are softer smelling, with Tiare flower, jasmine, and peony. Honeysuckle top notes seel the deal on this one or the fact that it's 68% off... you decide.

DOLCE & GABBANA Ladies L'Imperatrice 3 EDT Spray 3.3 oz (100 ml)

If you like fruity perfumes, then this one's for you! Launched in 2009, D&D L'Imperatrice has watermelon heart notes and kiwi and rhubarb top notes. Did you know that this perfume is part of a larger collection that was actually inspired by tarot cards? And while we're talking about things that tell you your fate, being 64% off, I totally see this perfume in your future!

VERSACE Ladies Eros pour Femme EDP Spray 3.4 oz (100 ml)

Launched in 2014, Versace Eros Pour Femme is the perfect fragrance to get addicted to. It has lemon + pomegranate top notes, jasmine heart notes, and musky base notes to top it all off! Not only are you receiving a luxurious scent, look how fancy the bottle looks as well! Shop now and save 56%.

ACQUA DI PARMA Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia / Acqua Di Parma Eau de Toilette Spray 5 oz (150ml)

Last but not least, we have a light and easy fragrance. Acqua Di Parma will make you feel like you're relaxing on a beach in the Mediterranean (the cheapest vacation ever!). Cedarwood & vanilla base notes, almond heart notes, and bergamot top notes complete this scent. This scent is perfect for everyone, especially for those that like getting 57% off!

So which perfume would you go with? Let us know!