What your watch says about you (On Wall Street)

What your watch says about you (On Wall Street)

The watch on your wrist does more than tell the time... It also gives over a message. Who are you? How do you like to spend your time? (pun intended) What job position do you currently have? From the watch brand and wristband to the little details of the dial and hands, you would be surprised at just how important every detail is to a watch enthusiast.

Did you know that there are people that are so watch-obsessed that they coined watch slang terms? Horologists (aka watch/ time masters) have created a mini dictionary in a sense. WIS, otherwise known as Watch Idiot Savants, is the sarcastic definition to those people who are so obsessed with watches as if their life depends on them. As I said, these people do not just like watches, but they live and breathe them.

According to Boss Hunting, there is certainly a hierarchy of watches when it comes to working on Wall Street. Let’s break down which wristwatches are recommended for you depending on your position in the exciting world of Wall Street.


Let’s begin from the very beginning. Interns have a lot to prove, and while they should be proving themselves with their skills, they also have to prove themselves with their watch. Boss Hunting says, “It doesn’t matter, people don’t even know your name. But if you show up wearing a Hublot Big Bang Chronograph or a yellow gold Rolex GMT, people are going to assume that merit wasn’t the primary consideration for your employment.” The takeaway, you want to prove yourself by being relatable. However, being too showy as an intern is not the right way to go about it. Instead, go for a Rolex Oyster Datejust or the Omega Seamaster. And today is your lucky day because Jomashop has new and pre-owned Omega Seamaster's and Rolex Datejust's just for you (see what I did there!) Even more exciting the Omega Seamaster linked here is currently 30% off.


Look at you moving on up! Welcome to the world of a Wall Street analyst. You are on your way, and your watch must say so. It is time for an upgrade! Boss Hunting recommends upgrading to a Rolex Submariner. Once again, with new and pre-owned options, you can up your watch game without hurting your bank account... too much!


You are getting closer.  Now that you have begun meeting with clients, it’s time to prove yourself. That is, with both your skills and the with the watch on your wrist. Once again, it is crucial to have a balance. You want to prove you are respected and impressive but not too flashy. Boss Hunting advises a Rolex Sea-Dweller. Like always, Jomashop has got you covered! Linked is a pre-owned Rolex Sea-dweller, stainless steel case, and band with luminescent hands and markers. Did I mention that we are partners with Affirm, and you can pay as low as $577 a month!

Vice President

VP, look at you. I am so proud of you! Now that you are starting to make some serious money, you can splurge just a little extra. As Boss Hunting describes, “It’s time to go pick up a Rolex Daytona – the quintessential investment banker watch”. This watch, I learned, is not so much about the price tag itself. Rather, only VP’s or higher get the pleasure of wearing this watch.


As you have climbed the ladder, you have now arrived at a crucial point. You are on a roll, and you want to keep the streak going. Boss Hunting says that at this point, you have to be quietly confident. You do not want to make it seem like you are a shoo-in for managing director, yet you also want to show you are ready when they are. Therefore go with a Breguet Classique or a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Tourbillon. I have a special surprise for you… right now, the Breguet Classique 18kt Rose Gold White Enamel Dial Men's Hand Wound Watch (pictured below) is 50% OFF (yes, you read that correctly, thank me later)!

Managing Director

Now that you are one step away from a partner, you are allowed to get a Patek. Boss Hunting suggests a Nautilus Chronograph or the white gold Perpetual Calendar. Jomashop’s got both new and pre-owned Patek styles for every price range.


You did it! Time to roll out the red carpet because everyone wants to be you. See, at this point, you would think it’s time to go bigger, but ironically Boss Hunting says the ultimate power move is downgrading to a simple watch. For this a Swatch Watch would do. Or better yet, not wearing a watch at all. You no longer have anything to prove because you are at the top. Time to let your wrist have a breather.

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