The Top 5 Hublot Watches You Can Actually Wear Daily

The Top 5 Hublot Watches You Can Actually Wear Daily

The Loud Legend!

Hublot has a reputation of being anything but quiet. Since the brand's initial launch in the early 1980s, it has stood out from the crowd by being innovative, intriguing, and in your face. Its revolutionary research into material fusion gave birth to one of the industry's loudest legends: The Hublot Big Bang. While the Big Bang remains the centerpiece of the catalog, there is much more to Hublot these days than initially meets the eye.

Tonneau-shaped cases, high complications, and surprisingly wearable watches, now count themselves among the boisterous brand's ranks. There are options for those that love the legacy of the brand, but also prefer something with a touch more demure on the wrist. Thanks to Hublot's continued experimentation with game-changing materials, those more "under-the-radar" pieces aren't in any way "boring". As such, we've compiled a list of five Hublot watches that are perfect for daily wear and available now on  

Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch

Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch 

The first model on our list is the most affordable! Price alone is never the right reason to buy a watch, but this model is currently $6,795, which is an unusually approachable price for anything bearing the Hublot badge. Its retail price of just below $10k is more in line with what we expect the entry-level of this brand to be, making the Classic Fusion Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch an attractive starting point for your entry into this fascinating brand.

Perhaps the best thing about this streamlined black model from Hublot is that it does not compromise. The Hublot Calibre HUB1112 uses a heavily modified Sellita as its base, adding a white-on-black date wheel in the traditional Hublot font for absolute contrast and legibility. It's also encased within a black ceramic housing, meaning this watch truly exemplifies the heart of Hublot — material & experimentation.

A Daily Champion

A decade ago, the thought that Hublot would have several demure, classy timepieces in its catalog (not retailing for five figures or sacrificing the core ideals of the brand) seemed extremely hard to imagine. The Classic Fusion line indicates Hublot's development as a business entity and its growing power as a named brand.

Simply put, you get everything that makes Hublot, Hublot wrapped up in a neat, comfortable, versatile package, at a cost that makes this piece more affordable than a Rolex Submariner at list price (if you can find one!).

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph White Opalin Dial Men's Watch

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph White Opalin Dial Watch

This modular chronograph's movement began life as an ETA 2892-A2, but that humble caliber has ended up in more luxurious surroundings than I bet it could ever have imagined. The Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph White Opalin Dial is a shimmering alternative to the Classic Fusion Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch (listed above). Its silver dial and titanium case, make this one of the more elegant and dressy models in the Hublot catalog. The cases' contrasting finishes work well to bend the light around the housing, resulting in a low profile appearance that is very becoming of a 45mm wide chronograph.

The twin sub-dial layout is both clean and legible, suiting the overall refinement of the watch nicely. For a chronograph of this standing, you would certainly expect to pay five figures, but here we see this watch dropped from its $10,800 retail to a more feasible $7,885. Additionally, this equates to as little as $275 per month when using our Affirm payment plan.

Hublot Big Bang UNICO Chronograph Automatic Men's Watch

Hublot Big Bang Unico Chronograph Automatic Watch

The Big Bang UNICO Chronograph Automatic Men's Watch is the first watch on this list that looks like the kind of watch you would expect to see from Hublot. After all, it is part of the famous Big Bang collection. This clean and crisp chronograph brings together everything that one would expect to find in Hublot's classic line. For a professional-looking package, measuring a very palatable 42mm across and 14.5mm thick, it will certainly up your wrist game.

Powered by the in-house Hublot Calibre HUB1280, this Unico Chronograph has a power reserve of 72 hours, making it "weekend proof". That means it can be lain down on a Friday and picked up on a Monday (still running) should you wish to sub-out your luxury beater for a rough and ready weekend option.

That's the beauty of this model: there's no need to ever switch it out. Yes, if you're spending the weekend exploring or hiking, you might want something a little less expensive on your wrist, but don't think this 100-meter water-resistant, luminous automatic would let you down! The handy Hublot strap change system makes subbing out the rubber in favor of a more elegant croc or more rubber fabric alternative a cinch. You can't beat that kind of versatility with such a chromatically sympathetic watch head. At $13,160 (30% below the suggested retail of $18,800), this watch is capable of scratching the Hublot itch while not breaking the bank.

Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Hand Wind Men's Watch

Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Hand Wind Men's Watch

Blue ceramic? Skeletonized dial? 45Mm case? You know the answer... So why is the Big Bang Meca-10 Hand Wind Men's Watch on this list of wearable Hublot watches? There are a few reasons:

  1. When it comes to a list of this nature, variety is important. We can't just pick five Classic Fusion models and be done with it! Jomashop customers come in all shapes and sizes, and this model, while it seems larger than average on paper, it would still look just fine and dandy on a thicker wrist.
  2. More importantly, it is necessary to offer options that retain the inimitable spirit of Hublot. This watch does that in spades. We have a futuristic case material (and color), world-beating mechanics, and a display that draws you in and keeps on giving.
  3. Blue is a forgiving color. The case material and its color make this watch look much smaller on the wrist than it would have done in steel. Blue is even more effective at shrinking a piece than black. It's softer & calmer, and in this case, borderline serene in comparison. This watch may be 45mm wide, but it wears much smaller than that, relatively speaking. And while 15.95mm thick is certainly not slim, it isn't exactly towering at this diameter.
  4. Worth the weight. You might expect a watch of these proportions to be heavy, and usually, that would be true. However, the ceramic housing and rubber strap combo keep things light and breezy on the wrist.
  5. In addition to its' lightweight feel, this watch packs a functional punch. The watch boasts a 10-day power reserve with a power reserve indicator, 100 meters water-resistance, luminous hands and markers, a going seconds display, and a skeletonized barrel, all wrapped up in the in-house Hublot Calibre HUB1201. At $15,895 (28% below retail), you get an awful lot of brand clout for your buck.

Hublot Big Bang King Power Matte Black Dial Men's Watch (Pre-owned)

Hublot Big Bang King Power Watch

Okay, you might think that this one has gone entirely off-script with its humongous 48mm by 22.4mm case. You may also be thinking that this watch is the absolute antithesis of this article's range; however, I beg to differ.

Despite its size and clear over-engineering, the Hublot Big Bang King Power is otherwise a pared-back and wearable design. It isn't a bombastic attention-grabber. Rather, it is a highly developed tool watch. Sure it isn't quiet, but it is serious. It may not be demure, but it isn't distracting. While large and robust, it does not give off the sense of fancy or frivolity. It's clearly a luxury item for those in the know, but for the people on the outside of our industry looking in, it could easily be a tough, go anywhere, do anything sports watch of modest value.

Being able to snag one of these indestructible icons for over 50% below original retail (this model, currently listed at just $10,227 as opposed to the sticker price of $21,800) is a huge opportunity. This watch wasn't a quick seller when released, but it certainly passes the eye test. Subtly, it may well be the best thing the company has ever done. It might also be the watch most widely appreciated by the non-Hublot community. If you have bigger wrists, don't sleep on the Hublot King Power. It is easily a solid option for being the daily beater that you've been searching for, and it's unlikely to let you down.