Jomashop's Top 10 Summer Sunglasses Starter Kit

Jomashop's Top 10 Summer Sunglasses Starter Kit

One of the many things that I love about summer aside from warm weather, beach days, and BBQs, is the addition of a new accessory to my wardrobe: SUNGLASSES!

Sunglasses are both practical in that they protect your eyes from the sun, yet they also have the potential to take your outfit to the next level. Are you due for a new pair of shades but are not sure where to begin? If so, read on.

The key to a great pair of shades is finding ones that are both durable and stylish. I cannot tell you how many times I drop my sunglasses on the ground, as I am sure you do too. If you want your sunglasses to keep looking brand new, then it is crucial to select a sturdy, well-made pair.

Do you like a specific frame shape or color? Maybe you like to be bold with a butterfly frame, or maybe you like to keep it simple with a classic round or rectangular frame. Whatever your preference, at Jomashop we have over 3000 different sunglasses styles from brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Oakley, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Carrera & so much more!

Ray-Ban Green Classic G-15 Oval Flat Sunglasses


Let's kick off the list with the beloved brand we all know and love: Ray-Ban. Created in 1936, Ray-Ban sunglasses have served as a tried and true eyeglasses brand. Their glasses are surely built to last (I have a pair from like 8 years ago that are still in perfect condition!) I think these oval sunglasses are a great pair to add to your sunglasses collection. These are simple, yet stylish. I can't think of one outfit that these glasses won't match. With 100% UV protection and 42% OFF, you really can't go wrong with these.

Ray-Ban Polarized Green Classic G-15 Square Men's Sunglasses

Ray Ban: Square Sunglasses

If you are more into plastic frames over metal ones then here is the perfect option for you. Maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but I feel like every dad I know had a pair of these sunglasses at one point or another. I think they are a customer favorite because they aren't over the top, just plain and simple, yet get the job done. Oh, and they are now 40% OFF!

Men's Grey CARRERA Rectangular Sunglasses

Carrera: Rectangular Sunglasses

Carrera, originally founded in Australia in 1956, is known for its sports eyewear. Therefore, if you are on the hunt for a sporty pair of rectangular men's sunglasses, give these Grey Carrera ones a look. Currently 77% OFF, these metal shades are practical and have grips on the arms, so they stay in place. Jomashop has over 100 Carrera sunglasses styles on our website, ranging from 65%-80% OFF. If you are looking for a sturdy pair of shades for a reasonable price, this is the brand for you.

MIU MIU Brown Purple Gradient Butterfly Sunglasses

MIU MIU: Butterfly Sunglasses

Okay, okay you are ready for a funky pair of shades, I get it! If you want to be unique with your sunglasses this summer then these are the shades for you. Butterfly sunglasses are definitely trending right now! These glasses will elevate your outfit, and keep the sun out of your eyes! I love the subtle purple in the lens, it's the perfect amount of fun with the butterfly shape. If you like funkier sunglasses styles, be sure to check out Jomashop's MIU MIU selection, there are many more options! But back to these ones, they are currently 66% off- RUN!

Christian Dior Ladies Gray Ar Cat Eye Ladies Sunglasses

Christian Dior: Cat Eye Sunglasses

Another funky shape to consider this summer is cat-eye frames, like these Christian Dior ones shown above. Honestly, I feel like if I saw someone wearing these I would assume they are either powerful, fashionable, or both. This pair of sunglasses would certainly give your outfit that extra boost. Bonus points if you pair it with a hoodie/ long blazer combo... it would just look so amazing trust me. Save 82% OFF and stand out!

DIOR Grey-Brown Round Sunglasses

Dior: Round Sunglasses

Christian Dior was (and still is) a major player in paving the way for fashion eyewear. Dior brought new sunglasses shapes to the fashion world reaffirming that sunglasses can do much more than keep the sun away! These Dior round sunglasses add some color while still remaining neutral with brown and grey. I particularly like the metal bridge design on these. Also, I like that these shades have 100% UV protection and are now 74% off! WOW!

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Brown Gradient Rectangular Ladies Sunglasses

Salvatore Ferragamo: Rectangular Sunglasses

Continuing with brown hues, I present to you these Salvatore Ferragamo brown rectangular sunglasses. Salvatore Ferragamo was founded in 1927 in Florence, Italy. Known to be one of the more sophisticated and luxurious sunglasses brands, you are certainly getting a quality pair of shades! These dark tortoise sunglasses, not only have big rectangular frames and a big Ferragamo symbol cutout on the sides, but they also are on sale- big time! Shop now and take 74% OFF!

GUCCI Green Gradient Round Sunglasses

Gucci Round Sunglasses 

For a different kind of round look, go for this pair of Gucci sunglasses! These shades have the perfect dose of color while still remaining neutral enough. I love the classic green and red Gucci stripes! You also won't believe me when I tell you these are 53% OFF right now, but believe me, I'm telling the truth! Also, if you aren't into this particular color combo, we have the same shape in several other frame and lens color options.

SAINT LAURENT Grey Aviator Unisex Sunglasses

Saint Laurent: Aviator Sunglasses

Let's talk aviator shaped sunglasses. This shape actually became pretty popular in the 1950s, but really grew in the '70s and '80s. Some of the most famous public figures that wore aviators include Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, and Tom Cruise. These Saint Laurent Aviator sunglasses are perfect for both men and ladies and 55% OFF! The black rim detailing certainly adds some excitement to these aviator shades, while still staying simple.

BURBERRY Grey Aviator Ladies Sunglasses

Burberry: Aviator Sunglasses

For more of a feminine aviator style go with these Burberry ones shown above. I especially love the classic Burberry checkered pattern on the sunglasses arms. This pair of shades will surely complete every one of your looks. Like I said before, aviators have been a long-time celebrity favorite. I think that is the case because aviators are a basic style and are flattering on most faces. Whereas round usually goes better for a smaller face and butterfly is better for a larger face, aviators are good for everyone!

OAKLEY M2 XL Fire Iridium Men's Sunglasses

Oakley: Sports Sunglasses

I think it 's only proper we end with a bang, and these Oakley orange sunglasses are definitely a showstopper! I love the polished white frame against the bright orange lens. Oakley, founded in 1975, is based out of Lake Forest California. Did you know founder James Jannard originally sold motorcycle grips which are now featured as the nosepiece on many Oakley sunglasses? Oakley sunglasses have been spotted on Hollywood stars, as well as in Hollywood films, as the brand represents both quality and sustainability.  Additionally, these M2 XL shades are currently 44% off, how exciting?!

What style of sunglasses do you usually lean towards? Do you usually like to make a statement with the frames on your face or keep it simple? Whether sunglasses are more of a practical thing for you, or a fashionable one, be sure to check out Jomashop's massive selection of sunglasses! Start Summer the right way!

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