Limited Edition Watches

Limited Edition Watches

While there is something nice about a classic timepiece like the Rolex Submariner, there is also something nice about having a different watch. Some watches are just meant to be owned by a select lucky few. These watches can be harder to find depending on how many pieces were created, the price, the brand, etc. And yes, some of these watches may be out of your range, but a great limited edition piece can still be affordable, especially when you shop with us!

HUBLOT Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull Gold Automatic Men's Limited Edition Watch

Talk about a limited edition mini work of art. Hublot really did something exquisite with this watch. First, let's discuss the spectacular embroidery on the strap and dial. I have personally always been intrigued by embroidery. It is so detailed and delicate looking. It gives off a luxurious and royal feel. This multicolored silk embroidery perfectly complements the 18kt rose gold case and bezel. And while we're discussing the bezel, look at the beautiful blue sapphires (36 to be exact)! The skeleton rose gold hands and sapphire hour markers at the perfect final touch! This watch is a limited edition of only 200 pieces, so not too many people have the privilege of getting to have one of these.

FREDERIQUE CONSTANT Manufacture Tourbillon Automatic Men's Limited Edition Watch

This green alligator Frederique Constant watch screams limited edition. In fact, it is so limited that there are only 10 pieces! The stainless steel contrasts nicely with the dark green of the strap and dial. Other notable features are the tourbillon escapement at the 6 o'clock position and the leaf-style hands. It also has a day and night indicator, which is a great extra feature! But best of all, it is currently 52% off!

BELL AND ROSS Instrument De Marine Men's Limited Edition Hand Wound Watch

There is already something extra fancy about a brown leather watch. However, this Bell and Ross Instrument De Marine takes things one step further. It is made with bronze titanium and a cusn8 (bronze & tin) case and has a spiffy brown leather alligator strap. Its fixed bronze bezel nicely complements the white dial. Some other features of this watch worth mentioning are the light blue spade-shaped hands and the second's sub dial. This watch has a hand-wind movement, complete with a 56-hour power reserve. There is a greater amount of pieces (about 500) compared to the previous one. However, it is still unlike anything I have ever seen before!

HAMILTON American Classic ODC X-03 Limited Edition Jupiter Dial Men's Watch

Now, this watch is something different... This Hamilton watch is made with a black PVD titanium case and a black leather-lined textile strap. However, what is super unique, in my opinion, is the Jupiter dial. So if you're a fan of outer space or want a watch with three time zones, this is the watch for you! And at 35% off, this deal is really out of this world!

ORIS Martini Racing Limited Edition Chronograph Automatic Men's Watch

I might not be a race car fanatic, but I do love a good race car-themed watch. And Oris has definitely outdone themselves with this limited edition automatic chronograph. It is sleek with a black strap and dial with a silver-tone stainless steel case and bezel. Any race car-themed watch needs a tachymeter (measures distance/ speed). It also mimics the gauge you would see on a car's dashboard, which is nice. That, coupled with the blue and red lines on the watches' dial, add car-like effects. Being a Chronograph, it has three sub-dials displaying: 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 1/10th of a second. This casual watch is currently 37% off and would be the perfect addition to your watch collection!

PICASSO AND CO Falcon Embossed Dial Automatic Men's Limited Edition Watch

It seems like these limited edition watches are really only meant for a niche type of customer. This Picasso and Co watch is, without a doubt, for the bird lovers out there. There is a lot to unpack with this Falcon watch (aside from the giant falcon on the dial). This watch has a brown leather strap, a green dial, and luminous rose gold-tone hands. It also has a date display at the 6 o'clock position. This watch is only one of 100, so while its style is not for everyone, it is nice to know that not everyone can have one.

RAYMOND WEIL Freelancer David Bowie Limited Edition Automatic Men's Watch

So far, we've addressed bird fans, race car fanatics, and space lovers, but we haven't addressed music and film followers. David Bowie, an English singer, songwriter, and actor, is considered one of the most prominent artists of the 20th century. Selling out millions of records and stadiums, he rose to immeasurable levels of fame. So much so that he now has a limited edition Raymond Weil watch with his name plastered on it! Some specs include the red David Bowie logo, a stainless steel case/bezel, and a black (calfskin) leather strap. Its' simple black dial has luminous silver-tone hands, index hour markers, and minute markers around the outer rim. I also particularly appreciate the matching red lightning bolt at the 12 o'clock position. I think it really adds to the uniqueness of this timepiece. Best of all, it is now 59% off!

MATHEY-TISSOT Type 23 Moon Phase Chronograph Brown Dial Men's Limited Edition Watch

I personally love a good two-toned watch, so it is no question that this limited edition Mathey-Tissot had to make an appearance on the list. It also is here to prove my point that limited edition does not have to break the bank! At 64% off, this beauty is just below $300 bucks (yes, you read that correctly)! I love the color scheme on this watch, from the rose gold details all the way to the chocolate brown dial. I always appreciate it when there are minute markers around the outer rim as well. For the price, this watch is a steal. You are getting a classy design, a date display, three sub-dials displaying: 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and a 12 hour, and a Moonphase!

Trends come and go, and while classics are certainly iconic, you may not want the same thing that everyone else has. Therefore, I urge you to look into the limited edition watch market. Because being limited edition doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your budget, especially when you have Jomashop serving up the best prices and sales!