Internet Smarts: Surfing and Shopping Safely Online

Internet Smarts: Surfing and Shopping Safely Online

In today's world, we are surrounded by technology at home, at work, and in our cars. Especially since technology is such a large part of our lives, it's more important than ever to be safe when we're using digital devices. Whether you are shopping, working, or playing online, it's important to always keep your safety in mind.

Online Safety

There are steps you can take to help protect yourself online. These include not giving out personal information to sources you do not know or trust, verifying the validity of websites you visit, using caution with public Wi-Fi, and using strong passwords.

Social Media Safety

While social media can be a positive influence on people and a way to connect with friends and family, these networks can also carry many risks. Social media is rife with people who try to gain personal information to take advantage of someone financially or even personally. Social media networks are often not safe for children who do not yet understand the idea of private information and are often just looking for new friends, not realizing the danger they are putting themselves in.

  • Social Networking Sites: Make sure you are aware of what you can do to stay safe when using social networking sites.
  • Social Media Safety: Understand overall social media safety as well as how it has the power to affect your employment.
  • Best Practices: Safe Social Networking: This list can help you stay safe on any social media site, and there are also safety and security tips included here that are specific to Facebook.
  • What You Post Matters: These tips will help you remember that anything on the Internet can last forever.
  • Social Networking Safety: This review of privacy and security has some great information and additional resources.


The anonymity that the Internet can offer has led to a rising problem with cyberbullying. The perpetrator does not even have to know the victim to initiate bullying and intimidation techniques. It does not take a very brave person to bully someone while hidden safely behind a computer screen.

Viruses and Hacking

Different kinds of malware, like trojans and viruses, can infect your computer. Not only will these often make your computer not work properly, but malware can also result in data breaches and a lowered level of protection for your online and local data.

Identity Theft

One of the most common issues people have with online safety is the danger of identity theft. Credit card numbers can be stolen using insecure websites and used to make fraudulent purchases. Sometimes, someone might even digitally take over another person's entire identity.

Online Shopping Safety Tips

When shopping online, be sure to use strong passwords, keep your credit card and other banking information secure, and not buy from unknown sites.