Gift Guide For the Trendsetters (Vol. 3)

Gift Guide For the Trendsetters (Vol. 3)

There is always that special person on your list that likes very fun and exciting patterns, colors, and styles. These people love to stay on trend and hate looking plain. What do you buy these people this holiday season? Or better yet, if you are a trendsetter yourself, what should you put on your Wishlist this year?

To the trendy gifters and giftees, watch out because I've rounded up some picks that are certainly going to make you excited!

Gorgeous in Green

It is always easy to hop on a color trend because as long as you like the color, the possibilities you can take it are endless. From bags, shoes, wallets, jackets- we totally approve if you go to town on green this season. After all, green = Christmas, right? Shop more green looks up to 70% off here.

Sweater Mania

The holiday season usually means ugly rain deer sweaters. But move over ugly sweaters, there is a new sweater trend in town, namely bright colored or geometric-shaped sweaters. Show up this winter stylish and, more importantly, cozy! Shop more cozy sweaters here.

Something different...

Ditch the sweater and swap with a sweater vest. Very trendy, still very warm. You can style with jeans or even a pleated mini skirt to give the perfect preppy touch. For extra warmth, add a turtleneck or collared shirt underneath. Let's be real here; you actually just want these for yourself...

One of a kind

There are two kinds of luxe lovers. There are the devoted ones that want all the classic styles in the basic color option. However, then there are the luxe shoppers that specifically don't want the same bag that everyone else has. They want to be trendy, but they also want to be unique. What bag do you get them that they will love for years to come and will stand out from the rest? And don't fret, unique can still be heavily discounted! However, don't wait too long because special bags (like the ones above) typically have low inventory due to their specialness. So make sure you get a head start!

Coats, Jackets, Shackets... Add to Basket!

Where do we even begin with the outerwear trends? There are just so many! First, we have my personal favorite, the oversized puffer. Oversized everything is really on-trend, not just jackets but t-shirts and sweatshirts as well. Then there is the "shacket" trend, which started last year but definitely has returned for seconds. Other notable mentions are long coats, bombers, coats with toggles, and velvet or metallic jackets. And furry jackets will always be on-trend, because it's cold out, we all can use a little extra warmth this winter! Shop all designer outerwear here.

A "Fur-fect" Holiday Season

Now that I have mentioned it, fur is not only a winter staple on jackets. It is also super trendy when it's featured on bags, accessories, shoes, and other fashion items.

Tis' the season to save & be trendy. Shop all chic & fashionable gift inspiration up to 75% off HERE.