A new year is fast approaching! Why not strut into 2020 with a stunning new style? After spending a good chunk of your paycheck on Christmas gifts, you might want to splurge on a little something for yourself. Don’t worry— we at Jomashop have you covered! Below we will highlight five hot brands that you will want to add to your wardrobe, at unbeatable prices.

1. Gucci

Synonymous with luxury, Gucci is one brand you will not want to be without! Gucci has been going strong since 1920, a legacy worth flaunting with every favorite outfit. At Jomashop, we can meet all your Gucci desires from bags and belts to shoes and watches. Choose an elegant leather belt or a sweet pair of shades.

The most acclaimed celebrities are advocating and embracing Gucci’s luxurious image in every step of self-expression: Anywhere from Rihannah’s head-to-toe Gucci wardrobe to Brad Pitt’s name brand Gucci sunglasses, celebrities are using Gucci to proudly express their personal styles with simplicity, elegance, and charm. With Jomashop, you can embrace Gucci’s chic and world-class wardrobe at the most affordable price. With our unbeatable sales, you can save hundreds on Gucci merchandise, especially when compared to our competitors!

2. Tod’s

If it is darling and durable that you are seeking, then look no further then Tod’s high luxury products! Although Filippo Della Valle started Tod’s out of a basement as a shoemaking business in the late 1920s, it has grown into a top-of-the-line manufacturer for cutting edge and luxurious handmade products that every fashion icon is looking out for.

While this brand is perhaps best known for its shoes--after all, that’s how it all began in the 1920s--Tod’s has even more to offer. We not only sell the most stylish Tod’s shoes, but also Tod’s wallets, belts, and bags. By purchasing from Jomashop’s affordable listing of Tod’s luxury shoes and leather goods, you can embrace the most leading hand-crafted designs as a lifestyle.

3. Prada

Longing for classy and subtle? Then Prada is the way to go! Although Prada took off in a humble animal good’s shop in Milan Italy, it has grown into an Italian luxury fashion house producing some of the most superb leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, and perfumes on the fashion market.

This luxury Italian brand does not need to boast its name in big, bold letters on every bag or pair of glasses. More often than not, the Prada look speaks for itself. Start browsing our impressive collection of shoulder bags and sunglasses today! We even carry irresistible Prada perfume for those looking to make an extra lasting impression.

4. Balenciaga

Whether you wear it on your feet or across your shoulder, you can never go wrong with the Balenciaga brand! With fashion items worn by the Spanish royal family and aristocracy dating back to the 1940s, Balenciaga has grown as one of the most culturally unique and expressive brands in the recent century.

Balenciaga products are vibrant, modern, and innovative in terms of design. Opt for a pair of sleek sneakers or playful crossbody bag for the ultimate Balenciaga experience! On most competitors’ websites, a new pair of Balenciaga shoes can go for nearly $1000, but we are now offering authentic sneakers for as low as $599.99.

5. Burberry

For most, the winter weather will rage on long after the holidays have come to an end. Why not make the most of it with a classic Burberry scarf? The Burberry pattern is unmistakable, but it is also versatile and eye-catching. If scarves aren’t your thing, you can also find high-quality crossbody bags and briefcases.

With stars and celebrities of the modern world keeping Burberry fresh and fashionable, including Beyonce, The Queen of England, and Rihanna, you can create a charming, confident, and up-to-date look by embracing Burberry scarfs, accessories, briefcases, and handbags.

Brands You Love at Prices You Can’t Beat

Have the fashion fever that you just can’t shake? You can find all five of these hot brands and more at Jomashop. Whether you want to rock into January with a stylish new bag or hit the gym in stunning new sneakers, you are bound to find just what you need to treat yourself!