Father's Day Gift Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Father's Day Gift Guide: Everything You Need to Know

On average, people spend a little over $115 on Father's Day gifts. Of course, the meaning behind the value means a lot more than the dollar amount itself.

But when you've spent year after year buying presents for your dad on this special day, you may be a bit stumped after a little bit. While you want to spoil him rotten, you're left scratching your head this year on what to get him to show that you love and appreciate him.

Are you looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Then read on. We'll give you a complete guide here.

Ball Conductor Chronograph II Automatic Black Dial Watch

Is your dad a fan of big and bold styles? Then he'll love this automatic black dial watch.

It's made with a genuine black leather strap that's simple yet stylish. The watch itself is in a silver stainless steel case, which means it'll be rust-proof.

This watch is perfect for fathers who love old-school analog watches. In addition to the main time, there are also 2 sub-dials.

While this is an old-school watch, this doesn't mean your dad won't be able to tell time when the sun's gone down. The hands and markers are luminescent, which means he can take one look at his watch in the dark and still tell what time it is.

The face of the watch is made of scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. So no matter what time of day or where he is, your dad will be able to tell time easily.

In addition, the watch is water-resistant up to 165 feet (or 50 meters). For those whose fathers are accident-prone, this timepiece is perfect for them! Should he accidentally drop his watch into the sink full of dishwashing water, the watch will be completely fine.

Tudor Style Automatic Diamond Silver Watch

For the man in your life that doesn't like leather but instead, prefers metal, Tudor offers the ideal watch for your father. One of the best gifts for Dad this Father's Day is the Tudor Style automatic diamond silver watch.

This is a Swiss-made watch, which means you know it's high-quality. If you have a huge Father's Day budget, then you have to splurge for this piece.

The watch is made of a stainless steel bracelet. It has scratch-resistant sapphire crystal so a small bump here or there won't ruin your father's elegant watch. It is also water-resistant up to 330 feet, or 100 meters.

It also has a silver-tone dial and gold-tone hands and markers. In addition, your dad will enjoy little diamond sets at each 90-degree position.

As you can see, this is a sophisticated watch meant for the classiest dad. He'll be able to wear it to work and client meetings to show off his gift from his favorite child.

Montblanc Summit 2 Smart Watch

Perhaps your dad isn't old-school, but rather, new-school. He loves all the new things modern technology comes up with, and he's always buying the latest gadgets that come out.

In that case, you'll want to get him the Montblanc Summit 2 Smart Watch. This watch has a leather strap and stainless steel case, as well as scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

With this watch, your dad will be able to track his fitness and health easily. This smart watch has a gyroscope, accelerometer, and microphone.

Together, all of these features can keep track of how he's doing on a daily basis. For example, the heart rate monitor combined with the accelerometer can enable the watch to tell if your dad's heart rate is a healthy one when he goes jogging.

Considering this is a smart watch, your dad will be able to tell what time it is by looking at the clean and simple display. The digital time will be shown in white against a black background, which makes it super visible, even if your father has bad eyesight.

Like with the Ball Conductor Chronograph II automatic black dial watch, the Summit 2 is water-resistant up to 165 feet, or 50 meters.

Salvatore Ferragamo Aviator Sunglasses

Does your dad enjoy spending time outdoors? Then you'll want him to protect his eyesight with a good pair of shades.

The Salvatore Ferragamo aviator sunglasses are great for fathers who want to kick back with retro styles. Your dad probably wore this type of sunglasses in his younger days, so give him a gift this Father's Day that'll remind him of his youth.

What's great is, fashion is cyclical. Aviator glasses are actually back in style now, so not only can your dad wear something that he remembers fondly, but he'll look cool while doing so as well.

This pair comes with a shiny gunmetal frame color and dark brown lenses.

When it comes to outdoor Father's Day parties, your dad will be able to enjoy his while protecting his eyesight and looking chic at the same time. These shades have 100% UV protection.

Gucci Round Sunglasses

Maybe your dad doesn't fare well with the aviator look. So how about a look that's reminiscent of Harry Potter?

A pair of Gucci round sunglasses will be just what your dad needs to get that sophisticated professor look when he's out and about.

While these sunglasses come in various shades, we highly recommend the multicolor gradient one. In addition to a cool multicolor look, these sunglasses also have a unique frame color of gold-green.

Like with the Salvatore Ferragamo aviator sunglasses, these also have 100% UV protection. Do note that these are not polarized, so there may be a little bit of glare in some circumstances.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Anyone who's purchased sunglasses before know about Ray-Bans, even if they're not big fashionistas. A pair of these will definitely make your dad's day!

Go a step further than regular Wayfarers and give your father some New Wayfarer sunglasses this Father's Day. There are made in a simple yet timeless style with a tortoiseshell pattern for the frames. The lenses themselves are a light brown.

Not only do these sunglasses have 100% UV protection, but they're also polarized. This means your dad's eyes will be completely protected and he'll feel comfortable whenever he's out, even if the sun's beating down fully with its rays.

Georg Jensen Bespoke Alligator Fountain Pen

Everyone needs a pen while at work. If your dad seems to be content with Bic pens, then it's time to give him a serious upgrade.

The Georg Jensen bespoke alligator fountain pen is the perfect writing tool to introduce him to. This is a handmade pen from Germany, which gives it an extra-special touch.

Not only does it have fine purple alligator skin, but this pen also has a solid sterling silver pattern, rhodium-plated brass, and stainless steel nib. The alligator skin serves a dual purpose; it looks great plus provides a comfortable grip for whenever your dad or client needs to write something.

S.T. Dupont Pirates of the Caribbean Ballpoint Pen

If your dad's a fan of this movie, then he'll certainly appreciate this pen. S.T. Dupont's Pirates of the Caribbean ballpoint pen is the epitome of class. The entire thing is made of yellow gold, including both the barrel and cap.

Not only that, but if you look closely, you'll also notice that it has the branded skull. Your dad can get a piece of the movie franchise without it being cheap and gaudy. This ballpoint pen will be just right for having in the office while giving a nod to his favorite movies.

Montblanc PIX Ballpoint Pen

For the dads who aren't huge fans of flair, then the Montblanc PIX ballpoint pen might be it for them. This pen has an incredibly simple design; it's inspired by the Bauhaus architectural movement.

While this ballpoint pen might look simple, it certainly isn't made with basic materials. It's made of a precious resin and the tip is coated in platinum.

This pen is definitely an excellent choice if your father loves simple styles but cares greatly about what materials his belongings are made of.

Give the Perfect Father's Day Gift This Year

Now that you've read this article, you have plenty of ideas for a great Father's Day gift or two this year.

So consider what your dad likes and spoil him. After all, he's sacrificed so much to raise you and your siblings. Show him how much you appreciate all he's done by gifting him high-quality items that'll last him for a lifetime.

Looking for more items to buy Dad or any other family members? Then browse our daily deals now!