Bang For Your Buck Bags

Bang For Your Buck Bags

When buying a new bag, you have to consider the bag type you are looking for, price, brand, size, shape, and color. Lucky for you, I've compiled 150+ bags of different shapes, prices & colors at up to 55% off just for you!  To view, click here. Read on if you are interested in a more in-depth breakdown of the top 8 bag steals you can find on Jomashop today.

Handbags / Totes

When you think of standard bags, a tote probably comes to mind first. However, being classic doesn't make it any less significant. On the contrary, if there were a list of basic bag rules, rule number one would be having one of these!

MICHAEL KORS Eva Black Ladies Large Shopping Bag

Like I said before, owning a tote for work, school, or daily errands is a must! This Michael Kors tote is large enough to fit everything you can possibly need. Made with nylon, it has metal lettering on the front and a detachable fabric pouch. And while we are speaking of storage, this bag has a zip pocket, 4 patch pockets, and 3 slit pockets. So there are definitely enough pockets to go around. Now 39% off, it's the perfect time to add this staple to your collection!


Backpacks are NOT just meant for kids! While they may remind you of recess and middle school, you should not let that deter you. Backpacks are a must when it comes to prioritizing ease and comfort.

TUMI Blue Men's Serra Mini Convertible Backpack

Tumi backpacks are known to be one of the more superior backpack brands out there. This is due to their durability, sturdiness, and elite look. Made with lightweight nylon, this is a great bag to bring with you on all your upcoming travels and journeys. Currently at 43% off, who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Belt Bags

Belt bags, aka the sophisticated version of a fanny pack, have recently gained momentum in the fashion world. They are both small and convenient and can really be worn anywhere. Whereas fanny packs give off amusement park vibes, belt bags have the potential to elevate your look.  

COACH Signature Pacer Belt Bag In Charcoal

This belt bag is the perfect combination of convenience and style. Added bonus: this bag can be worn around your waist or could be worn across the chest like a crossbody! It comes with an adjustable strap, a buckle fastening, and zip closure. Now 68% off, this would make the perfect addition to your accessory collection.


If you want your belongings at your side (literally), bring on the crossbody! The crossbody bag originated in Europe and was meant to help men and women carry coins & tools. For fishermen, soldiers, laborers, and the average citizen, the crossbody kept precious items close without being too bulky or heavy.

FURLA Ladies Mimi Mini Leather Crossbody Bag-Fragola H

If you are on the hunt for a crossbody showstopper, you have met your match. A red bag is already striking on its own, but this Furla crossbody takes it to the next level. From its gold-toned hardware to its chain strap, this makes for a great night-out bag. Oh, and it's now 48% off on Jomashop, don't wait!

Camera Bags

Rectangular shaped and compact, camera bags fit all the essentials! They can be dressed up or down, coming across as more sporty or dressy, you decide!

MARC JACOBS Red / Silver The Snapshot Mini Camera Bag

The Marc Jacobs snapshot bag is absolutely a fan favorite! It comes in 2 sizes and in various fun and bright colors. I love this specific style because it has some color in the strap, yet it still remains neutral. However, if this one is too dull for you, feel free to check out other color combinations of our snapshot bags here, all between 22%-40% off!

Shoulder/Bucket Bags

The thing that sets the shoulder bag apart from a traditional tote bag is that shoulder bags only have one strap instead of two. Because of this subtle difference, totes will open up more than a shoulder bag could. Before deciding on a bag, I urge you to consider what you want your bag to be for. Additionally, think about how you like to carry your bags (shoulder bags rest only on your shoulder, whereas totes can also be held in your hand).

LIANNA PARIS Green / Blue Medium Chameleon Cabas

As you can see, this bag is unique in that each side is a different color. Calfskin leather covers the green side, while suede makes up the navy side. I totally love the dual color and material action going on with this bag, but I also love the little leopard hardware on the handle! If you are looking for a bag that no one else has, I can't think of a better option! Get the best of both worlds, with style and price, when you save 51% off this beauty!


Wristlets can be used as a bag or a wallet, depending on the size and your preference. Designed to be worn on the wrist, these make the perfect bags to grab when you're on the run.

BALLY Black Nylon Enton Clutch Bag

Simple yet fashionable, this Bally clutch would make a great present. For under $120, you are getting a bag and wallet! With Affirm, our afterpay service, you can pay as low as $11 a month!  

Card Pouches

While coin pouches aren't necessarily considered bags, if you are anti-bags like me, these little wallets are your new best friend. Say goodbye to straps and handles and hello to freedom!

CELINE Nude Charm Coin & Card Pouch

This calfskin pouch features a top zip fastening with card slots inside. If all you need to travel with is cash or credit cards, then this is the perfect "bag" for you. You can also make things even easier by attaching your keys to the zipper! This pouch comes in camel, beige, and silver for 50% off. For an under $200 wallet, you are getting the quality, durability, and style all wrapped in one!