Guide To Gift Giving: Wedding Edition

Guide To Gift Giving: Wedding Edition

As we usher in summer, it means that the wedding season is upon us. I don't know about you, but I feel like I have a wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower at least once a week. Especially as Covid restrictions continue to be lifted, it's like every couple got some kind of a memo. Anyways, this one's for all the people that can't wait to celebrate, yet are stuck when it comes to picking out the best gift for the future bride and groom.

Baccarat Porte-Bonheur Gilded Gold Butterfly

Baccarat Butterfly 

I'm not sure when these butterflies became such a beloved bridal shower gift, but every bride definitely deserves a Baccarat butterfly of her own! The gold sheen on this particular one will surely capture everyone's attention. These crystals are perfect for a coffee table, bookshelf, or even as a dining room table centerpiece! You can even mix and match with other Baccarat butterflies and shapes. Oh, and right now this beauty is 14% off of retail price!

Baccarat Crystal Everyday Tumblers

Baccarat Tumblers

Another Baccarat customer favorite is these everyday tumblers. As shown above, they come in a set of 6. I love that each tumbler has its own unique stylistic differences!  Not only are these extraordinary, but they are also a practical gift for the newlyweds. Take 6% off of this set when you shop with Jomashop!

Baccarat Mille Nuits Topaz Flute Amber

Baccarat Flutes

Do the newlyweds love champagne? Say no more! These Baccarat Topaz flutes are the perfect gift for them. Not only do they come in a set of two, but they are currently 29% off retail price. Now every time the couple makes a toast, they will think about how amazing you are at giving gifts! (What could be better?)

BACCARAT Spirale Small Vase

Baccarat Vase

And lastly, for the Baccarat bunch, I present to you this beautiful crystal vase. This vase is also a useful gift that the blushing bride will adore! Just throw some roses and water in, and you have the perfect table centerpiece. Even better, with Jomashop's Dads & Grads Sale, you can save 20% off!

CHRISTOFLE Silver Plated America 5 Piece Set

Christofle 5 Piece Utensil Set

Let's talk utensils. Everyone needs a fine set of utensils. The new bride and groom shouldn't be using plastic! Get a bunch of friends together and give them something they really need! These silver plated utensils come with 5 pieces (shown above), a dinner fork, teaspoon, dinner knife, salad fork, and soup spoon. Save 41% off now!

CHRISTOFLE Sterling Silver Marly Butter Spreader

Christofle Butter Spreader

Let's discuss a utensil that is certainly slept on... butter spreaders. Think Sunday bagel brunches- I'm sorry but you just aren't brunching correctly if you don't have one of these! Right now you can save 22% off, and you can also pay as low as $15 a month with our Affirm payment plan.

CHRISTOFLE Silver Plated Galea Gravy Ladle

Christofle Gravy Ladle

Another underrated, but necessary, piece of dinnerware is the beloved gravy ladle. While we still have a few months until Thanksgiving, this is a must-have for any foods that have gravy or sauce. Take 55% and ensure that the newlyweds have perfectly moistened meals (no dry roasts for them!).

CHRISTOFLE Silver Plated Galea Fish Serving Knife

Christofle Fish Server

From poultry to seafood... Any couple that loves fish certainly needs a fine fish serving knife. Personally, I think you could use this knife for so many other things besides fish, making this an even greater gift. Did you know that in the Victorian Era, brides specifically requested fish utensils as gifts? Clearly, this wedding present idea goes way back and I'm on to something with this one.

CHRISTOFLE Sterling Silver Albi Seafood Fork

Christofle Seafood Fork 

True fish and meat lovers know what this utensil is for! A two-pronged fork is meant to hold a piece of fish or meat in place while it's being cut or carved. Made in sterling silver, this seafood fork will surely do the trick! Take 26% off when you shop the Jomashop way!

MICHAEL ARAM Calla Lily Midnight Luxe Small Cheese Board w/ Knife

Michael Aram Cheese Board 

This stunning cheese board comes with a board & a knife, and it's also 25% off! It is crafted in amethyst, natural & oxidized brass, and stainless steel. Surely this board will elevate any cheese party! Just think of the charcuterie board they could make using this dazzler.

MICHAEL ARAM Ripple Effect Triple Bowl Set

This triple bowl, Michael Aram, set is a nifty gift for the bride and groom. This set is made from stainless steel and wood and is built to last. Put nuts, candy, coins, or other knickknacks inside- go wild! Multipurpose gifts definitely make the best gifts. For the perfect present under $100, this set will surely do the trick!

As wedding season comes in hot, not only will you show up with the greatest gift, you'll also have received the greatest prices!