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Baccarat - Crystals & Figurines

About this Collection

Under the authorization of King Louis XV, a glassworks company opened in the French town of Baccarat in 1764. A few decades later, this glassworks manufacturer obtained its first crystal oven. In 1823, Baccarat received its first royal commission, to create a set of stemware for King Louis XVIII. This commission would be the first of many royal appointments. In addition to creating royal table service, Baccarat was the first French manufacturer of chandeliers, the first French glassworks to create colored crystal, and the first crystal glassworks to design perfume bottles, amongst several other accomplishments. Throughout its history, Baccarat has created stunning works of art, including a five-meter high chandelier exhibiting 140 lights at the first Paris Universal Exhibition, and a five-meter high crystal temple for the third exhibition. Baccarat continues to produce magnificent stemware and crystal table service, in addition to jewelry, paperweights, and figurines. An extensive collection at the Louvre commemorates the opulent history of this epic company.