Learn to Tell Time on Your Watch

Icon May 31, 2021 12:05 PM

From watches to grandfather clocks, there are plenty of analog and digital clocks in your life, and you need to learn how to read them. Telling time is an important skill to learn so you can be on time for all of the fun activities in your day. Playing games and making crafts can help you to practice this skill and have fun!

Interactive Clock: Telling Time

Play with this interactive clock by manually moving the hour and minute hands with your mouse. As you move the hands, the time on the clock will update so you can see what each time looks like.

Tell Time to the Hour

This game helps you tell time by moving the clock hands to set the time to the hour on digital and analog clocks.

Reading Clocks Quiz

Learn about reading analog clocks, then take the quiz at the end to see if you remember what you learned.

The Weird Clock Face Challenge

This challenge has a bunch of photos of different-looking clocks with their hands in different spots. Can you guess what time each clock shows?

Time Worksheets

Create and print out these worksheets to practice telling time by drawing hands onto clocks or writing out the time shown on the clocks.

Learn About Daylight Saving Time

This lesson covers the history of Daylight Saving Time and why it was created so you can learn all about why we turn the clocks an hour forward in the spring and an hour back in the fall.

Clock and Mouse Craft

Using cardboard tubes or a tissue box to create your own grandfather clock and an egg carton cup and yarn for a mouse, you can re-create a famous nursery rhyme!

What Time Is It?

Look at the analog clock pictured and pick the digital clock that shows the same time.

Time Travel: Learn to Tell Time

Set the clock to the right times to chase a naughty cat in a rocket ship through time!

Interactive Teaching Clock

Change the time to learn what different times look like on analog and digital clocks.


In this game, you have to set the clocks by dragging the hour and minute hands to the correct positions. How many clocks can you set before the timer runs out?

NASA Kids' Club: Flip Time

The NASA Kids' Club put together an activity to help you practice how time appears on analog and digital clocks.

Time Teller

Time Teller starts by picking a level that ranges from the nearest half-hour to the nearest minute. The hands on the clock will rotate, and once they stop, you have to pick which of the three digital clock images match the time on the analog clock.

Telling Time to the Nearest Hour Quiz

This 15-question quiz tests you on reading clocks to the nearest hour.

A.M. or P.M.?

In this game, you're asked a series of questions about daily activities and you have to guess whether these activities are done in the morning (a.m.) or afternoon (p.m.).

Telling Time: Clock Play Dough Mats

This fun activity involves printing out or drawing your own blank clock face and then using play dough to create your own hour and minute hands that you can move around to make different times on the clock.

Learn to Tell the Time Clock Craft

You can create your own personal watch using your favorite colors of construction paper, a pin, and a toilet paper roll.

Time to the Hour Puzzles

This fun puzzle involves printing and cutting out the pieces, then trying to match up the right time to the right picture!

Build a Snowman Clock

Who doesn't love snowmen? Print out this adorable snowman clock, color him in, and cut out the snowman, the numbers, and the clock hands to create a snowman clock you can practice telling time with.

Telling the Time

In this game, you'll see a time listed and you have to pick which analog clock face matches that time.

Online Clock Game

Choose a level and then set the clock to the time given to earn points.

A Tale of Two Times Activity Worksheet

Do you know what your favorite and least favorite time of the day are? Draw the clock hands and write out the numbers on the analog and digital clocks on this worksheet for those parts of the day and explain what happens at those times.

Hickory Dickory Clock

In this game, you choose a level, read the time written on the screen in black and white, and pick which clock face has the matching time.